How It Works

Environmental Monitoring with Data at your Fingertips 24/7​​

Uniquely engineered units allow for the collection of data in locations without power. Battery or power-operated options with ultra-low power consumption allows for the collection of data in real-time from locations previously not serviceable.

IET SiteLink adaptable kits collect data in real-time at intervals that best suit the needs of our clients.

Each unit is capable of transmitting data to the cloud independently, eliminating the need for repeaters, radios, and base stations.

No External Power Needed

IET SiteLink kits are easy to deploy with no external power source and can be installed in hours.

Consistent Data

Utilizing leading cellular network carriers ensures data is consistent, accurate, and reliable.

Custom Reports

Flexible interfaces allow for connectivity of a wide range of sensors.


Monitoring Options

Flexible interfaces allow for additional monitoring options:

Solid Waste Applications Overview

LFG Gas Wells

IET SiteLink packages are attached to a gas well and provide remote monitoring of temperature, vacuum and liquid levels.

Leachate Riser Stations

IET SiteLink packages can interface with existing control systems to provide remote monitoring of liquid level, flow rate, flow total, pressure and pump motor current levels.

Leachate Storage Tanks

IET SiteLink packages provide tank level monitoring as well as flow and totalizer data for truck loadout systems.

Installation Points

Data Conversion to Customized Reporting

Raw data is easily downloaded in a format that can be uploaded into software tools for further analysis.

Data is time stamped – analysis and correlation with other data enables full solution analysis.


Data can be accessed through web portal with any browser on laptop or mobile device.

Data can be viewed in real time and downloaded for additional analysis.

Dashboard can be customized to customer preferences.

Email and text alerts and automated reporting at user specified intervals and action levels.

Additional IET Data Analytics Support Available

Isopleths, map hot spots, graphical representation of liquid levels and more can be created with your site data.

Data can be correlated with other information such as climatic data, hauler information, operational records for multi-variant analysis.

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